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Lessons From My Cat

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Kitty, claiming ownership of all the things

Did you know that when a cat rubs her face or body all over something or someone, she’s basically saying, “I own this now.” Obviously, this has some functionality issues in the human world, but I can’t help but admire it. “I want this. Consider it mine.”

Yes, okay, I know how this all sounds, but stay with me. This is nonspecific to cat ladies.

I have had an interesting relationship with ownership – ownership of my own body, of my personality, of my mind, of my voice, of my right to space. My negative voices can often be heard whispering indignantly, “You don’t have the right.” Listening to those whispers does not leave one in a place of power. That idea very firmly plants a person into the victim-place, in every way. Things are happening to you, and all you can…

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Roger Ebert, RIP


OMG huge loss..

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I can’t say that I ever spoke to Roger Ebert, but I can say I was once in the same room with him — specifically, the critics’ screening room in Chicago, where as the entertainment editor for my college newspaper I watched a terrible movie called Farewell to the King, and he and Gene Siskel were there as well, sitting, if I remember correctly, in the back of the little theater. Other critics were snarking and catcalling the screen (I mentioned it wasn’t a very good film), and either Siskel or Ebert (it was dark and I was facing the screen) told them to shut it. They shut it. After the movie was done I rode down…

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